5 Lakes – Information

The following information has been provided as guidance for Anglers wishing to use our facilities.

Kingfisher Pond

7 to 9 feet deep with 11 pegs – easy for junior anglers.

Best way to fish – fish the margins or straight out about 8–10 mtrs
Baits to use – corn, pellet, worm, maggot, paste
Fish – Predominantly Carp to 20lbs, Tench 5lbs, Barbel to 6lbs, Chub to 5lbs, Roach & Rudd 2lbs, Crucian Carp to 3lbs

Farm Shop Lake

4 to 7 feet deep with 30 pegs
Well established & popular with pleasure anglers and families, a very natural looking lake with lots of trees and reeds.

Best ways to fish – fish margins 11-13mtrs, pole line or waggler, Small feeder with crumb, don’t overfeed with Groundbait, best to feed micro pellets (sold in the farm shop)
Baits to use – Corn, pellet, worm, castor, maggot, hemp
Fish – Carp to 40lbs, Tench 9lbs, Barbel to 4lbs, Bream to 11lbs, Crucian Carp to 3lbs, F1 Carp to 4lbs, Perch to 2lbs, Rudd & Roach to 3lbs, eels to 7lbs


Willow Lake

15 feet deep with 38 pegs
Triangular shaped water with a central island

Best ways to fish – method feeder, pole, inside edge or 8 metres out in about 11 feet.
Hair rig works well + pellet wagler
Fish – Carp to 30lbs, Crucian to 3lbs, Tench 4lbs, Bream 6lbs, Barbel 4lbs, Chub 6lbs, Perch 5lbs, F1 6lbs


2 Island Lake

15 feet deep with 30 pegs

Best ways to fish – to the islands on a feeder or pole, hair rig works well
Bait to use – corn, paste, maggot, pellet, bread, boilies, meat,worm
Fish – Carp to 30lbs, Crucian to 3lbs, Tench 4lbs, Bream 8lbs, Barbel 8lbs, Chub 6lbs, Perch 4lbs, Eels 5lbs, F1 6lbs


15 foot deep with 23 pegs

Best ways to fish – to the island on a feeder or pole,
Bait to use – Corn, paste, maggot, pellet, caster, bread, boilies
Fish – Carp 22lbs, Roach & Rudd 1lbs, Perch 3lbs, Barble 2lbs, Chub 2lb

Please read all the fishing rules and abide by them. This is for the safety of yourself and others

1. No keep-nets (except in matches)
2. 1 small bag of boilies (1/2 kg maximum)
3. A maximum of 1kg Groundbait can be used
4. Barbless hooks only
5. Maximum of 2 tins (400g) Meat.
6. All anglers must have a landing net & unhooking mat
7. Juniors (under 16) must be accompanied by a responsible adult
8. All fish to be returned to the water where caught
9 . Ensure no litter is left in swim before and after Fishing. If a swim, or peg, is untidy before fishing and you are not willing to clear it, do NOT fish it.

General Health and Safety advice for all anglers and spectators:

• No Tackle to be assembled in any of the car park areas.

• The access road is owned by the Highways Authority and is not the responsibility of Dents Garden Centre.

• All cars are parked at the owner’s risk. All cars to be removed from the shop car park by shop closing time as these gates are then locked. All cars to be removed from all other car parking areas, either by sunset or 9pm which ever occurs first.

• Weil’s disease is a bacterial infection that occurs in the urine of rats and cattle and may be found in areas of open water.

• DO NOT touch any of the bait boxes or dead animals you may observe around the lake areas. Bait boxes are white and marked with a yellow hazard warning sign stating ‘Poison Do Not Touch’

• DO NOT fish any pegs that you consider to be unsafe. Please report any deficiencies to the shop during opening hours.

• DO NOT STAND at the very front edge of the pegs, where sleepers have been positioned supported by metal posts or on the bank edges surrounding the pegs as the possibility of falling into the water is much greater.


• Paddling, swimming or any other water related recreational activity is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This includes use of the rescue boat located on the lakeside.

STAFF USE ONLY. Life buoys have been provided around the lakes for retrieval of someone who has fallen in the lake. The locations are marked on the site map.

• Barb-less hooks are for your own safety as well as that of the fish. Exercise caution when using sharp tools and fishing equipment at all times.

• DO NOT cast your rod when someone is close to you. Always check behind you first.

• Insect/animal/fish/reptile bites are not uncommon. For those individuals who have a known sensitivity please bring the appropriate medication.

• Emergency calls can be made from the Farm Shop during opening hours.

• Be aware that, whilst visiting our fishing lakes, you are in the countryside with its associated wildlife and potential hazards. Please adopt a safe approach in all your activities.

• Any children who come to fish or spectate are the responsibility of the attending adult and must be supervised at all times. This includes children up to the age of 16 years.

• All cars are left at the owners risk. 

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